Database Tester



Database Tester.



DBTester.jar main program.

Only for my personal usage. I do not assume any kind of responsibility or liability if you download or use this program.
This software is not designed, licensed or intended for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.

There is no GUI, just output to console.

java -jar DBTester.jar [url [user password [tables|columns:<table>|run:<section>]]]

java -cp DBTester.jar cfh.dbtester.Main [url [user password [tables|columns:<table>|run:<section>]]]

For options just add -help to the command line.

The following libraries will be used if they were found in the same directory of DBTester.jar and it was started using the first option above (-jar):

  • mysql-connector.jar
  • hsqldb.jar
  • derby.jar
  • derbyclient.jar

If other libraries are needed, use the following syntax to start:

java -cp DBTester.jar;<lib1.jar>;<lib2.jar> cfh.dbtester.Main [url [user password [tables|columns:<table>|run:<section>]]]

Use colons (:) instead of semicolons (;) to separate the entries on non-Windows system.


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