Applications and Applets (use at your own risk)

Some little applications and applets. Use at your own risk, I can't assume any responsibility.

BFide my Brainfuck IDE

DBTester Database Tester

IGC IGC Viewer

Primes an Applet to show prime numbers.

Taxi The Programming Language

TCPscript execute TCP commands from a script

Unicode an Applet to show unicode characters.

FileFilter.jar some file utilities… (page not yet done) probability check… it's NOT a game, just testing some algorithms… (page not yet done)

mousemover.jar mouse mover tricky - use at your own risk … (page not yet done) just a simple Timer

ZanderFromOpenAir.jar Convert airspace from OpenAir to Zander (AZ) format

Code Class to calculate how long a given part of a program runs. Returns the elapsed, CPU and user mode times.
Only for my personal usage. I do not assume any kind of responsibility or liability if you download or use this program.
This software is not designed, licensed or intended for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.



Updates through Firewall - add to eclipse.ini:


jconsole & jps

If no local java process is listed, probably Java has no access to hsperfdata_<user> directory in the temp directory of the user (%TMP% or %TEMP% for Windows). The TMP or TEMP variable must not contain a '~'. "Each time a java process starts it should create a file in that directory. The file name is the pid and that is how jps and the other jvmstat tools get the process list." [1]


Remote debugging

-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8787,server=y,suspend=n


which methods are getting compiled
-XX:CompileCommand=print,*MyClass.myMethod 1
method details
trace class loading
enable following options
-XX:+PrintAssembly 1
print assembly code for bytecoded and native methods
-XX:+PrintNMethods 1
print nmethods as they are generated
-XX:+PrintNativeNMethods 1
print native method wrappers as they are generated
-XX:+PrintSignatureHandlers 1
print native method signature handlers
-XX:+PrintAdapterHandlers 1
print adapters (i2c, c2i) as they are generated
-XX:+PrintStubCode 1
print stubs: deopt, uncommon trap, exception, safepoint, runtime support
-XX:+PrintInterpreter 1
print interpreter code
full logging to hotspot_pid<PID>.log

1 Use hdis*.dll (downloadable from fcml) for disassembling.


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