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Open Cursor

Show number of open cursors
select, a.value 
from   v$mystat a, v$statname b 
where  a.statistic# = b.statistic#
and    a.statistic# in (2,3);
Show open cursors
select user_name, status, osuser, machine, c.sql_text 
from   v$session b, v$open_cursor a,  V$SQLAREA c
where  a.sid = b.sid
and    c.address = a.address;
Show constraints dependencies
select con.constraint_name, con.table_name, col.column_name, 
       ref.table_name as r_table, ref.column_name as r_column 
from all_constraints con, all_cons_columns col, all_cons_columns ref
where con.constraint_type = 'R'
and col.owner = con.owner and col.constraint_name = con.constraint_name
and ref.owner = con.owner and ref.constraint_name = con.r_constraint_name
and con.owner = 'owner' and ref.table_name = 'table';

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