abcTajpu insert special characters (ção)
Abduction!-FIXED Lets you capture an image of a web page
AdBlock Plus block ads
Element Hiding Helper for AdBlock Plus create rules
AniWeather Show weather in status bar
BBCodeXtra add BBCode / HTML /XHTML
Brief RSS feed reader
CoLT copy link and location to Javafree or Stackoverflow
Javafree: [url="%U"][u]%T[/u][/url]
Javafree Inline IMG %N[quote="[b]%T[/b]"]%N[img]%U[/img]%N[/quote]%N[quote="[color=darkgreen][i][/i] mensagem editada por [i][url=]simu[/url][/i][/color]"][color=green]%N- imagem inserida diretamente no corpo da mensagem%N[/color][/quote]
Stackoverflow [%T](%U "%I")
HTML Link <a href="%U">%T</a>
Plain text %T - %U
CoolPreviews creates a preview without leaving current page
Download Statusbar view and manage downloads in status bar
DownThemAll! mass download from current page
Fast Video Download easy video download from YouTube & customizable search menu
Ghostery identifies and block 2rd parties
Greasemonkey user scripts
HttpFox an HTTP analyzer
HttpRequester easily make HTTP requests
IE Tab 2 embedded IE engine
Image Zoom zoom images
ImTranslator translator
It's All Text! edit text fields with external editor
Lazarus: Form Recovery keep history of text entered in forms
Plugins Toggler enable and disable installed plugins
PDF Dpwnload choose to download or view PDFs
Professor X see inside a pages's head
Quick Locale Switcher change Firefox locales
QuickProxy quickly turn the proxy on and off
RESTClient debugger for RESTful services
Stack Overflow reputation show stackoverflow reputation in status bar
Stealther surf without leaving traces
SwitchProxy Tool manage and switch proxies
Tab Mix Plus advanced tab management
Tamper Data view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers
TinEye Reverse Image Search search orgin of an image
Tree Style tab show tabs like tree
Video DownloadHelper download videos and images
vimperator browse vim-like
Web Developer various web developer tools
WOT web of trust but not that trustful, collects data itself
X-Ray see inside of page

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goto Google direct EN
gotod Google direct DE
leo LEO dictionary
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wpd Wikipedia DE
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